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How to Prepare Your Network for VoIP

How to Prepare your Network for VoIP,Switching to VoIP is a project that you should take into serious consideration. Voice over IP has many benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, integration of voice, data and video in one infrastructure as well as cost-effective and flexible solutions, amongst many other advantages. However VoIP deployment cannot and should… Read More »

Cisco Call Manager Express IOS Feature for VoIP

Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) is an enhanced IP telephony solution that is integrated into Cisco IOS. It is an ideal solution for small business customers to efficiently use their existing IP data connectivity to incorporate the deployment of voice and IP telephony. Being able to support IP telephony and IP data traffic through a… Read More »

How to Configure Additional DHCP Server Options

How to Configure Additional DHCP Server Options There are numerous additional options that can be configured in a DHCP server.  If you are configuring a Microsoft server, additional options include, but are not limited to, the following: Routers (such as a default gateway for a client) DNS servers (for name resolution) DNS domain (domain name… Read More »

Voice VLANs on HP Networking

Voice VLANs on HP Networking In order to configure voice vlans, we need to play around with trunks and vlan tags. However, one may be surprised to find that on H3C HP hardware, there are three port link types: Access Trunk Hybrid So what on earth is a hybrid port? In order to answer that question, it… Read More »

Benefits of Small Business VoIP Phone System

VoIP System for Small Business, or voice over Internet Protocol, these days has not only created enough buzz but has also replaced legacy communication system at major corporates to small businesses. Where small businesses look at VoIP as huge savings in capital investments, IT professionals feels proud to stay current with updated technology. In essence,… Read More »

Revolution of Global VoIP – Infographics

Global VoIP is one of the fastest growing telecommunication service providers which offering VoIP services around the world. VoIP services made its first appearance in 1990. The number of VoIP subscribers increased by three times during 2010 and 2011. Below infographic poster highlights comprehensive information on Global VoIP and current state of mobile subscriber bases… Read More »

Real Time Transport Control Protocol – what & why Explained

Real Time Transport Control Protocol – what & why Explained   I had came across this questions few times in since last week, actually one of colleague is working on a traffic priotitization requirement for SIP based telephony system and as we all know this could not be completed without RTCP. So, What is RTCP… Read More »

Video Conferencing – The World is shrinking..

Video Conferencing – The World is shrinking..   Every second person today is talking about video conferencing, it could be a dedicated room Telepresence kind of setup or a small movable unit or webcams installed on the workstations or even making video calls from your smartphones. All these are forms of Video Conferencing, but all… Read More »