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Locking Down Network Ports from IOS

Locking Down Network Ports from IOS.Someone connecting to your network can cause serious damage if you are sloppy with security. port-security port-security on switches is very flexible, first show the status of port security Switch#show port-security interface Gi0/19 Port Security : Disabled Port Status : Secure-down Violation Mode : Shutdown Aging Time : 0 mins… Read More »

Layer 2 Attacks – MAC Address Spoofing Attacks

Layer 2 Attacks – MAC Address Spoofing Attacks Unlike hubs, switches regulate the flow of data between ports by creating instant networks that contain only the two endpoint devices communicating with each other at that moment in time. Switches accomplish this by forwarding data out specific ports based on the MAC address. Switches maintain MAC… Read More »

Mitigating Threats at Access Layer with Cisco Switches

The access layer is the point at which user-controlled and user-accessible devices are connected to the network and it is the one architecture component that is found in every LAN. Because the access layer is the connection point between network-based services and client devices it plays an important role in protecting other users, the application… Read More »