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What is Private IP Addresses

What is Private IP Addresses. The IP Addresses are managed and assigned to companies and service providers by an International organisation called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It’s absolutely necessary having a central authority that guarantees the uniqueness when assigning IP addresses to use on the global Internet. Duplicate IP’s would create serious problems in the… Read More »

Configuring IPv6 OSPF routing in Cisco IOS

Configuring IPv6 OSPF routing in Cisco IOS Hi guys! it’s time for me to write about configuration of OSPF IPv6 routing in Cisco IOS. I will use example addresses from my workplace for this tutorial. This is really simple, first configure the IPv6 addresses on the interfaces. Router1 Router1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0 Router1(config-if)#ipv6 address 2001:1ad8::1/126… Read More »

IPv4 and IPv6 Access Control Lists In Cisco IOS

IPv4 and IPv6 Access Control Lists In Cisco IOS.Do you feel like you are comfortable with writing ACLs? This will be refreshing! I’ll get to IPv6 in the bottom of this, it might prove extremely useful to understand the concept at first. What are Access Control Lists? ACLs are simple rulesets, they can be used… Read More »

Getting Started with IPv6

It took me a -long- time to wrap my head around IPv6. It wasn’t for lack of trying — a lot of the documentation is difficult. Here’s my quick IPv6 primer: Address Types There are a few types of addresses, you’ll have to memorize them. Link-Local – Starts with “fe80″ This is equivalent to the… Read More »