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What Wearable Technology Means for Enterprises

Technology is now a lifestyle. Smartwatches and other wearable devices are integrating technology into our lives like never before. Estimates show that there could be as many as 441 million wearable devices in use just four years from now. The bottom line is that people are happily embracing wearable technology because they perceive it as something that… Read More »

Heartbleed – OpenSSL Bug leaves Millions of Devices Vulnerable

Heartbleed – OpenSSL Bug leaves Millions of Devices Vulnerable But the fight for your privacy isn’t over just yet: you might have to Update your Routers,Firewalls,Servers too. Cisco Systems and other networking product manufacture companies have announced that the Heartbleed bug — a flaw in OpenSSL that lets attackers bypass common security protocols — has been… Read More »

Public Cloud Computing – A beneficial option

Cloud computing has changed the face of business, making them perform more with less available in hand. The facility allows virtual business, thus saving the office expenses and hence, proves to be a profitable option. The following infographic poster states difference between private and public could computing. It recommends a public cloud computing for business… Read More »

Video Cloud Computing – Wireless

Cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and systems software in the data centres that provide those services. The following infographic illustrates the statistics about online steaming as well as it shows advantages of streaming as a service. practice Exam simulator  Tools for IT Professional like… Read More »

Journey of Technology and Computing – Infographics

From initial commodore to recently launched new generation iPad, it has seen various innovations in technological epoch including computing. This infographic shows brief journey of computing revolution, latest technology stuffs and also recent launched gadgets. practice Exam simulator  Tools for IT Professional like product comparison, speed test ,traceroute, email tools etc  Filed at in… Read More »

Benefits of Cloud Computing over Bad Weather

Snow and bad weather affects revenues of many companies every year. The bad weather conditions force people to stay at home due to transport disruption and fuel availability problems. The following infographic highlights various factors associated with work and bad weather. It specifies that, the cloud computing has solved the problem by allowing people to… Read More »

Revolution of Global VoIP – Infographics

Global VoIP is one of the fastest growing telecommunication service providers which offering VoIP services around the world. VoIP services made its first appearance in 1990. The number of VoIP subscribers increased by three times during 2010 and 2011. Below infographic poster highlights comprehensive information on Global VoIP and current state of mobile subscriber bases… Read More »

iPhone 5 and Its Actual Cost for Users

When buying a smartphone like iPhone 5, cost of phone is not the only expense a person makes as there are several other costs involved like 4G carrier costs, phone accessories, apps and many more practice Exam simulator  Tools for daily use like product comparison, speed test ,traceroute, email tools etc  Filed at in… Read More »