Save Your Funds: Free Browser-Based Alternatives to Small Business Software

By | October 29, 2017

Having a computer in your office today is essential if you want to do business. It will help you do everything from issuing invoices to keeping track of your expenses, and even kill some time when you play free games on your desktop at Red Flush Casino. Playing at the Red Flush is free – unless you choose it not to be, of course – but the software needed to run a business might not be. Fortunately, there are enough alternatives that run in a browser, like the games at the Red Flush, by the way, that will be able to help you through the initial hurdles without attacking your funds.

Photoshop Express Editor

If you only need some basic photo editing, there is no use for you to buy expensive software – and using a free alternative like Gimp is also overkill. Instead, why not simply load Adobe’s Photoshop Express Editor instead and handle all the basics in a flash? (No pun intended.)

Photoshop Express Editor takes care of your basic photo editing needs, like cropping, rotating, and resizing your images, and can handle a handful of basic corrections and transformations, too.

Google Docs

Google’s browser-based office suite has come a long way – today, it can handle almost any task you may need in a small business and it won’t cost you a dime. It is capable of importing documents in all major formats and editing them in a browser window. While there are many other office suites available, Google Docs has the major advantage of allowing users collaborate on documents remotely, sharing them, and storing them in the cloud. Besides, you can access and edit your documents on any computer or smartphone, too. All this, completely free.


Need to issue invoices fast and on the go? Fear not, Invoiced’s Free Invoice Generator is here. This handy little web app will allow you to issue invoices in a variety of currencies, simply and easily, in a browser window. After registering an account, you can issue invoices and save them securely online. The paid version of the service ($29 a month for a start-up account with 2 users and 25 customers included) supports credit card and ACH payments and can sync with your accounting software.