Reset Windows Password on UEFI-based Surface Tablet

By | August 29, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro models and Surface 3 use the latest firmware interface, called the Unified Extensive Firmware Interface (UEFF), and Surface Pro 4 and Surface book use Surface UEFI with faster startup and improved security.

Nowadays people concern private data and privacy more than ever, not only in mobile devices, but computers at work. We can set multiple login passwords like Microsoft account, pin code, as well as a common login password to protect our data. Sometimes we do not take it seriously and give a random password, or there are so many of different passwords to remember and we do not know which one is to unlock our Windows. What should we do to recover the forgotten Admin/Microsoft account password on UEFI-based Surface tablet?

There is more than one method to crack a lost login password on Surface, while the easiest and fastest way is using a windows password reset tool. If you do not have a password reset disk, you can create a password recovery disk and reset password easily with this professional software – Windows Password Key.

Three Steps to Recover Windows Admin Password on Surface Tablet with UEFI BIOS

Step 1: Create a Bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive

Download and install Windows Password Key tool to another PC that you can access to, and prepare a blank CD/DVD/USB flash drive.

Free Download Windows Password Key Enterprise/Ultimate

Open Windows Password Reset and insert a CD/DVD to CD-ROM or connect a USB flash drive to computer. Choose the appropriate option in the software. Click Burn to start burning a bootable disk with default ISO image.

burn a bootable disk

Alternatively, you can click “”Advanced Recovery- Create an advanced password reset CD/DVD/USB which has better hardware compatibility (Win8, Win7, etc)” which allows you to burn a disk according to Windows version of your Surface.

Select System

Step 2. Boot Password Locked Surface PC Tablet from CD/DVD/USB drive

Since your Windows Surface uses UEFI Bios, you will change the BIOS settings in a different way. Following are the steps for your reference:

  • Shut down your Surface, and connect the password recovery disk to Surface PC tablet.
  • Press and hold the Volume-up button, and at the same time press and release the Power button.
  • Release the Volume-up button when you see the Surface logo appears on computer screen.

Then you can see the UEFI menu display on the screen. Set your Surface to boot from CD/DVD or USB, depending on which disk you’ve created in step 1.

After above settings, the Surface tablet will restart and boot from password reset disk. Now you can manage your Windows accounts and passwords as you like.

Step 3. Reset Windows 100/8.1/8 Password for Surface Pro tablet

Change/Remove password:

Choose an account and you can remove the password, or change a new password for thiss account.

Change Password

Remove/Add a new admin account on surface

Windows Password Reset allows removing existing Admin account from computer, as well as supports creating a new Admin account.

Create new Account

So, we can reset the Windows password on UEFI-based Surface ourselves. It is not complex with professional and user-friendly software.


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