Learning about Start Screen in Windows 8

By | January 2, 2014
 Start screen in Windows 8 contains tiles that are shortcuts to apps. Many of these tiles are live , meaning that they can report data from the app. For example, on the Weather app, you can see the current temperature and forecast. On the Mail app, you can see how many unread email messages you have.

Windows 8 Start screen

Windows 8 Start screen

The new Start screen in Windows 8 gives you a larger desktop by expanding the borders left and right. This allows you to organize your apps into groups so you can see all of them.
To navigate through the Start screen, click and drag on the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen and then move the screen left or right.
You will see the scroll bar only if your groups do not fit on the screen.

Scrolling through the Start screen

Scrolling on the Start screen

Customizing your Start screen

You can customize and organize your Start screen Windows 8 to meet your needs and preferences. The list below shows some of the ways to do this:
  • Add a tile for almost anything: Windows 8 apps, desktop apps, Web pages, people, and file folders are a few examples.
  • Add new groups of tiles for similar or frequently used apps, change the order of the groups, and name your groups.
  • Change the size of the tiles and set them to display updated information about the app.
  • Change the Start screen background and color.

Pinning apps to your Start screen

You can pin your favorite apps to the Start screen  Windows 8 so you can get to them quickly and see updates on their tiles at a glance.

Step 1

Slide up from the middle of screen Windows 8 to get to the Apps view. (If you’re using a mouse, click the arrow Down arrow near the lower-left corner of the screen.)
Down arrow

Step 2

Press and hold or right-click the app you want to pin to Start. You can select more than one app and pin them all at once.

Selected app

Step 3

Tap or click Pin to Start. The apps you pinned will appear at the end of your Start screen Windows 8.

Unpinning apps from Start

If you decide you don’t want a tile to be on your Start screen Windows 8 any more, you can unpin it from Start. Unpinning an app is different than uninstalling it—if you unpin an app from your Start screen, the app will still appear when you search for it, and it’ll still be in the Apps view if you need to find it again.

unpin an app from Start

  1. On the Start screen Windows 8, press and hold or right-click the tile you want to unpin.
    You can select more tiles to unpin them all at once. To clear your selections, on the Start screen or in Apps view, tap or click an open space on the screen, or tap or click Customize.
  2. Tap or click Unpin from Start.
    The apps you selected will be removed from your Start screen, but will still appear in Apps view and when you search for them.