How to Install and Setup Leap Motion Software in Windows 8

By | January 12, 2014
Use this section to install Leap Motion Software in Windows 8. Leap Motion comes pre-installed on some HP computers. If you have a computer that came pre-installed with Leap Motion software, skip this section and go to Setting up Leap Motion . Leap Motion must be installed on computers when a Leap Motion device is purchased separately.

Before you install

Before installing be aware of the following issues:
  • Leap Motion software needs up to 400MB of free disk space to install.
  • Update the latest graphics drivers for your computer before installing Leap Motion software.
  • Use Internet Explorer 10 or higher, or another browser to download Leap Motion software.
  • If you have problems downloading the software, temporarily disable any anti-virus software that is running.

Begin installation

Follow these steps to install Leap Motion software on your computer.
  1. Connect your keyboard or sensor to a USB 2.0 port on your computer.
  2. In your Internet browser, go to (in English)
  3. Click Windows Download to begin downloading Leap Motion software.
    Download Leap Motion for Windows

    Download Leap Motion for Windows from the Leap Motion set up web site

  4. The Welcome to Leap Motion window opens. Follow the setup manager directions to install Leap Motion.
     Setup Welcome window

    Leap Motion setup manager Welcome window

     Installation Complete window

    Leap Motion setup manager Installation Complete window

  5. After installation is complete, you are prompted to restart your computer. Click Restart Now.
    Restart Now

    Restart Now to install Leap Motion

Setting up Leap Motion

You must have a Leap Motion sensor to set up and use Leap Motion. The Leap Motion hardware comes in several configurations. The separate Leap Motion device can be used as an accessory with many HP computers. Select HP notebook computers have embedded Leap Motion sensors. Some HP keyboards come with an embedded Leap Motion sensor. These keyboards are delivered with select HP desktop computers or can be purchased separately.
 Examples of Leap Motion sensors

Examples of Leap Motion sensors

1 – The Leap Motion sensor on a notebook
2 – The Leap Motion sensor on a keyboard
3 – The Leap Motion device as an accessory
Follow these steps to set up your Leap Motion device.
  1. Connect your computer to the Internet.
  2. Open Leap Motion Airspace.
    In Windows 8 In Windows 7
    At the Start screen, type leap to open the Search charm. Select Leap Motion Airspace in the Search results. Click on the Airspace icon on the Desktop.
    Leap Motion Airspace

    Leap Motion Airspace on the  Windows 8 Search screen

    Airspace icon

    Airspace icon on the Windows 7 desktop

  3. If you have not already activated the Leap Motion sensor, the computer prompts you to activate the sensor by pressing fn and spacebar . When the sensor is activated, you see two red LEDs inside the Leap Motion sensor turn on. A small white or green light next to the Leap Motion sensor also turns on.
    Activate the Leap Motion sensor


  4. Get started by signing up for a Leap Motion account or sign in to an existing account.
    Get Started screen

    Get Started or sign in to an existing account screen

NOTE:For best performance of the Leap Motion sensor:

  • Set up your Leap Motion device away from direct sunlight or other bright infrared (IR) sources.
  • Pull back long sleeves and remove large jewelry or other items from your hands.
  • Be sure the Leap Motion sensor is clean and free of scratches or debris.
  • Keep hands parallel to the sensor and within the sensor range. Spread your fingers to improve sensor detection.
You are now set up to use Leap Motion.