Various Radio Operational Modes Supported by Instant APs with Aruba Central Cloud

Aruba recently launched their Cloud Wi-Fi offering which basically is SaaS based controller service. This is built on top of their technology named Instant AP, Which was launched earlier. This article would explain the following topics:

  • The different Radio operational modes supported by Instant APs managed through Aruba Central dashboard.
  • Configuration of these modes through the Aruba Central dashboard.

An Aruba Instant Access Point can be set into following three modes of operation:-

  1. Access: In Access mode the AP serves clients, and at the same time while also monitoring for rogue APs in the background.
  2. Monitor: In Monitor mode, the AP acts as a dedicated monitor, scanning all channels for rogue APs and Clients.
  3. Spectrum Monitor: In Spectrum Monitor mode, the AP functions as a dedicated full-spectrum RF monitor, It scan all channels to detect interference, from neighboring APs or from non-WiFi devices such as microwaves and cordless phones.

Note: In the dedicated Monitor and Spectrum modes, the APs do not serve wireless clients. However, background spectrum monitoring can be enabled under RF -> Radio Settings to ensure that wireless client service is not interrupted.

Steps to configure –

Navigate to Configuration > Access Points and click on the Access Point for the Edit button to appear and click “Edit”.

Aruba Instant AP Manager

Click “Radio“ and choose a Radio operational mode from the Mode drop-down list.

Aruba Instant AP operational Mode

You can verify the Radio operational mode of an Instant Access Point by navigating to Monitoring> Access Points. The Access Points section, shows the configured Radio operational mode of individual Instant Access Point as shown in the following figure:

Aruba Instant AP operational Mode verification

Aruba Central is a key component of Aruba cloud Wi-Fi, which includes Aruba Instant access points that self-organize into wireless LANs (WLANs) managed by a lead access point (AP) with embedded controller functionality. With the Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution, all user control and data traffic stay local within the Instant WLAN, with network management information going to Aruba Central in the cloud.


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