Understanding the Purpose of Network Junos Operating System

By | December 23, 2013

Junos operating system is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching, and security. It reduces the time necessary to deploy new services and decreases network operation costs. Junos offers secure programming interfaces and the Junos SDK for developing applications that can unlock more value from the network.

Junos is one system, designed to completely rethink the way the network works.

  • One operating system: Reduces time and effort to plan, deploy, and operate network infrastructure.
  • One release train: Provides stable delivery of new functionality in a steady, time-tested cadence.
  • One modular software architecture: Provides highly available and scalable software that keeps up with changing needs.

Running Junos in a network improves the reliability, performance, and security of existing applications. It automates network operations on a streamlined system, allowing more time to focus on deploying new applications and services. And it’s scalable both up and down—providing a consistent, reliable, stable system for developers and operators. Which, in turn, means a more cost-effective solution for your business.

Junos Platform

The Junos Platform is a layered software platform to run the network and enable applications to interact with the network from the client to cloud. Service providers and enterprises can now look beyond building networks made up of individual, disparate boxes toward a unified system for designing and deploying new services in software. By migrating to the Junos Platform customers can reduce the complexity of the network to deploy new services faster with a lower cost of operations.

The Junos Platform combines the Junos operating system with new capabilities to expand network software and interfaces into the application space and deploy software clients that secure and control application delivery. The components of the Junos Platform include the Junos Operating System, the Junos Space network application platform, and the Junos Pulse integrated network client.

The engineers of a network operating system have their work cut out for them, not only because of all the different design and development options, but because everyone wants their network to be always ready, and fast, without pauses, such as a momentary freezing of the cursor. Just as the OS that you use on your desktop affects the way that you do certain tasks and the efficiency of your computer, the operating system that runs on your networking platforms impacts their speed and ease of management, not to mention your network’s reliability and security. In this chapter, we explore JUNOS software.