Logging into the 3Com Switch Through Console Port

By | December 14, 2013

Console port is the most common way to log into a switch. It is also the prerequisite to configure other login methods. By default, you can log into an 3Com  Ethernet switch through its Console port only.To log into an Ethernet switch through its Console port, the related configuration of the user terminal must be in accordance with that of the Console port.

The default settings of a Console port

console port setting in 3com switch

After logging into a switch, you can perform configuration for AUX users.Connect the serial port of your PC/terminal to the Console port of the switch.

RS232 portIf you use a PC to connect to the Console port, launch a terminal emulation utility (such as Terminal in Windows 3.X or HyperTerminal in Windows 9X) and perform the configuration.Normally, the parameters of a terminal are configured as those mention below.

Create Connection


users to ebtablish the connection


Set port parameters


  •  Turn on the switch. The user will be prompted to press the Enter key if the switch successfully completes POST (power-on self test). The prompt (such as <S5120>) appears after the user presses the Enter key.
  • You can then configure the switch or check the information about the switch by executing commands. You can also acquire help by type the ? character.