Growth of US Wireless Industry Infographics

By | December 25, 2013









The U.S. wireless industry is expected to generate billions of dollars and more than three quarters of a million jobs in coming years.


The growing demand for data- 2012  wireless industry survey, analyzes wireless telecommunications industry responses about financial accounting and operations practices. The survey aims to inform wireless, telecom, and broadband industry participants of the current and emerging trends to empower them in decision making in this fast-changing environment. The results of this survey reflect the participation of nine US and four Canadian wireless operators infographics.

The survey includes more than 200 data charts covering items from smartphone and data usage to customer retention programs and from customer care to the useful lives of property, plant, and equipment assets. We dive into this level of detail to provide readers with relevant data for understanding trends in key performance measures and the financial accounting and reporting policies and practices of wireless telecommunications service providers. The survey period covers calendar year 2011 as well as certain information as of June 30, 2012. Companies participate voluntarily, and individual survey results are kept confidential infographics