Benefits of Small Business VoIP Phone System

By | December 27, 2013

VoIP System for Small Business, or voice over Internet Protocol, these days has not only created enough buzz but has also replaced legacy communication system at major corporates to small businesses. Where small businesses look at VoIP as huge savings in capital investments, IT professionals feels proud to stay current with updated technology. In essence, small business VoIP phones combines voice and data together on a single, secure network foundation, using single cable for voice & data.

Benefits of Small Business VoIP Phone System

VoIP allows you to have your phone system running on an IP network, either your own or hosted on the Internet. A small business VoIP system gives your business a cost-effective, easy-to-use, full-featured communications solution. It gives you considerable savings along with advance communication features like these below –

  • With a VoIP phone system, you have only one network to manage, which is less expensive and more efficient as compared to managing voice and data network separately. With little training your network administrator can manage your VoIP network as well
  • A VoIP phone system can save your money on long-distance charges, because you can use your data network to place calls both nationally and internationally at a very nominal cost. No separate connectivity required among your branches for VoIP.
  • A VoIP phone system brings down the costs of moving or changing a phone extension. No physical movement of devices required
  • You’ll save time and money, when adding a new office or a new employee/user. With very less provisioning time you achieve business agility
  • Your employees, would find an IP phone system easy to use and very intuitive as compared to legacy phone system, yet offers far more features and capabilities.
  • Your communications/phone system would be available to employees anywhere they have a Internet connection good enough to handle a VoIP call. You can check bandwidth requirement for a VoIP call here. This results in employees being more productive and collaborate more easily, which makes the decision-making quick and easy. Your employees can work virtually from anywhere
  • Having anywhere access to a communications system would allow you to serve your customers better. Callers would not get tangled in voicemail/auto-attendant menus or put on hold, which can help improve customer loyalty—and profits.

Why Should You Consider Small Business VoIP Phone System?

When you migrate from a traditional PSTN telephony to small business VoIP system, you will not only increase productivity but also make it more secure and scalable and yet keeping it simple. You employees would be able to access the telephone network anywhere. Where businesses get benefitted from improved availability & productivity, customers get satisfied by enhanced support.

This small video below should give you better insight into possibilities of VoIP scalability –

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