Aruba Networks – What is IAP Magic VLAN ?

By | September 9, 2013

IAPs support a maximum of 4094 VLANs.  Magic VLAN is the VALN that is reserved on the IAP to provide IP addresses to the guest SSIDs. This VLAN cannot be used for general purpose. VLAN 3333 on the IAP is referred to as magic VLAN.

Magic VLAN (VLAN 3333) provides the clients IP addresses in the range of to and the subnet mask is

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For clients to get an IP address from magic VLAN, we need to choose the client IP assignment as “virtual controller assigned”.

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The DHCP scope for  the magic VLAN is configurable:

1. Navigate to ‘System’. Click on ‘show advance option’
2. Click on DHCP tab
3. Configure the required DHCP scope.
4. Click on OK at the bottom.

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