Securing Video Traffic with Cisco ASA

By | August 27, 2013

Voice and video protocols are not designed to tolerate long latencies. The fear of inducing additional processing delays let all such protocols to flow in and outside our network without any interception and inspection but the truth is video traffic is as prone to hack attacks as your normal IP based traffic.

Cisco ASA allows you to perform deep packet inspection on your video traffic and along with QoS it can help to reduce latency and prioritize mission critical traffic. A Cisco IOS router has the ability to prioritize voice traffic and also command option to reserve bandwidth for voice and video traffic. To understand this in detail either you can visit the link below –


Seek help from Jimmy –

OK, so once you had secured your video traffic, you would never to the performance to suffer. The link below would help you in implementing QoS and Resource Reservation on ASA –