Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation – Building “Painless” Networks

By | July 14, 2013

Cisco’s recent launch DFA (Dynamic Fabric Automation) is able to create much more noise than expected. With recent unveiling at Networker’s Live, This tools seems to have grabbed attention of almost every datacentre manager. With its promise to make datacentre network deployment and management not only easy but agile as well, the name DFA sounds like music to all those ears.

Dynamic Fabric Automation simplify fabric management, optimize fabric infrastructure, and automate provisioning across physical and virtual environments allowing you to gain unsurpassed operational simplicities through superior integration.

Few of its awesome feature-set contains –

  • Zero configuration for new switches
  • Real fast network deployment and migration
  • Enhanced forwarding and distributed control plane with optimized Spine-Leaf Topology
  • Single network for Virtual and physical servers
  • Use of Anycast for providing all gateways on all switches
  • Northbound API’s to allow integration with almost all Orchestration Tools

As I always say, video does a better job of explaining as compared to me so let’s keep the job for video below –


Also allow Jimmy to take you through the demo of Dynamic Fabric Automation –

Interested in knowing more about DFA, Follow the link