Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy – Review

By | June 9, 2013

Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy: The Non-Technical Guidebook

Last week when I received this book from Amazon, first thing which came to my mind was do CCIE candidates actually need these kind of books but once I started reading it, I was not able to put it down before finishing it. While reading this I just felt like as if I am talking to my best friend, truly a no hype guide to CCIE. There is no such book available which focuses on subtle and obvious things beyond the technical which can aid in getting the CCIE lab.

This book serves as a fantastic motivational guide, I really liked the comparison of achieving CCIE being similar to transmuting from a doctor to a neurosurgeon. There could not be a better way to say that you are in pursuit of something elite. Really makes you feel good about it.

Examples from real life and real people, takes you out of the CCIE blues and puts you back into the good space. It is generally hard to find a CCIE friend, companion or mentor with no bullshit about how to achieve your number. This book helps you lay different approaches with timelines and budgeting to obtain the goal of getting your CCIE number. It doesn’t tells you how to make it easier for you but gives you sense of direction about where to start and how to deal with the issues you will encounter during your journey to CCIE. Written to give you an objective insight about Do’s and Don’ts during your CCIE prep that would suit most of the aspiring candidates. It also motivates you to maintain a healthy body and a very healthy state of mind during these times.

This book undoubtedly is inspiring, motivating and satisfying. It lays a roadmap with the help of Stories, guidelines, personal anecdotes and experiences, which will not only inspire you, but also help you in your CCIE quest. It makes a very important point about successes and failures. This book does a wonderful job of giving an insight into both aspects.

The authors (Vivek & Dean) have done a great job by writing this book (Better than doing their own dual CCIE). My advice would be to pass it on to your wife, friends, family or anybody who has to support you during this time, I am sure would be a great help for them to understand the uphill task you had taken.

You can buy this book from here – Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy: The Non-Technical Guidebook. It comes as paperback allowing you to read it during your commute and also distraction free when compared to e-books, where emails and IM’s keep bothering you.