Cisco ISR – Application Experience – Introduction

By | May 10, 2013

Cisco recently launched another revolutionary monitoring feature that would come embedded into the router IOS. They call it ISR-AX (Integrated Service Router – Application Experience). Let’s see what ISR-AX does and how you can get benefitted from its feature set.

Cisco ISR-AX is designed to provide following feature –

  • Network wide visibility to over 1000 applications
  • Granular control on application prioritization and path control
  • Enterprise-class optimization that increases application performance up to 70 percent
  • Industry-leading security services including VPN and threat defense

Which means that now a router can dig deeper into packets to find out the kind of application payload it is carrying and show you an exact picture of network utilization like “what is using what”. It not only shows you the application types with their resource utilization but also allows you to create custom quality of service profiles for every application based on which one can prioritize or de-prioritize your traffic from a particular application. So, all the good things of world class WAN optimization solutions would now be available in your router, with the ability to predict application response time, monitor performance, and quickly troubleshoot problems, IT can spend less time on operations and concentrate on innovative and strategic planning such as cloud application adoption and facilitating the BYOD trend.

Evolution of Router - ISR-AX

Apart from this Cisco ISR-AX provides industry-leading security with the broadest options for VPN connectivity, including FlexVPN that scales branch, mobile, remote user connectivity with simplified configuration. The solution also protects the business from external threats with IOS Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, and Cisco Cloud Web Security.

Cisco report following levels of performance optimization on the application level –

benefits of ISR-AX

This video below should you under ISR-AX better –

Also Cisco has arranged a webinar –

Address the App Gap Between Users and Their Applications
Cisco addresses the “App Gap” between users and their applications with ISR-AX. Hear from industry experts and customers on how this technology can benefit your organization.

Which is scheduled to happen on –

  • 23-May-2013 08:00 AM PST
  • 23-May-2013 15:00 GMT

And you can register for it right here

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