Cisco Continues To Be a Leader in Datacenter Switching

By | May 27, 2013 recently hosted a poll requesting views of visitors on “Which OEM would they prefer for their Datacentre Switching” and from the results we can certainly say that Cisco is still the market leader. Cisco has been able to maintain their dominance in the market despite of heavy competition from various (I would say equally good) vendors like Juniper, IBM, Dell-Force10 and not to forget Arista.

We hosted this poll for a month and results are as below –

Datacenter switching Poll

As per the results Cisco still remains the first preference for 75% of DC guys followed by Juniper at nearly 17%. I was wondering to know that people would prefer Dell-Force10 over Arista. Seems like Arista needs to give their marketing team a push, I personally would say their R&D team is doing much better job than their marketing team.

Looking at these figures we can surely say that competitors had started capturing a share of Cisco in Datacentre market and network engineer can probably look forward to get certified these vendors as well.

And at last a question for everybody out there – Does I/O Virtualization actually poses a threat to Cisco, Juniper and Brocade etc.??

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