OCEDO BRANCH NETWORKS DELIVERED WITH SOFTWARE DEFINED WAN Fast WAN, LAN and WIFI. Safe Internet access.  Secure, reliable connectivity for your hybrid cloud. SD-WAN architecture. Hybrid WAN capability.Ocedo is the smart way to connect distributed organizations. Ocedo enables IT to easily manage gateways, switches, and Wi-Fi access points from the cloud, eliminating the hassle of configuring individual

Managing Large BGP Networks – BGP Confederations

Managing Large BGP Networks – BGP Confederations.In a previous blog, I have shown you how to use Route Reflectors which provide better scalability, effectively reducing the need of the BGP full-mesh. BGP confederations is just another way of achieving the same thing – there however differences which I will be tackling in this blog. I

The Route Recursive Lookup

The Route Recursive Lookup I know I haven’t posted in a while – there is a reason for that! I am currently organising and preparing a series of blogs on Multicast which will, hopefully, put this topic to bed – at least conceptually. In the meantime, I came across a scenario at work where, knowing

Setting up SysLog Server on Ubuntu

Setting up SysLog Server on Ubuntu,So you’ve got your GNS lab running and you managed to connect it to your LAN. As you do your studies, you will find yourself quite often checking logs and debug output on your routers. It happens that, when testing specific technologies, the amount of logs/debugs generated can be quite

Avoiding STP Issues with Powerline Adapters

Avoiding STP Issues with Powerline Adapters, As per my current setup, illustrated here, I have since introduced a few more Powerline adapters in order to connect my rooms upstairs to the whole network. I needed to do this in order to connect the Nintendo Wii, two more TVs and the Popcorn media player. Though to my surprise, I

Cisco Embedded Packet Capture

Cisco Embedded Packet Capture, In quite a few instances I found myself in a situation where, for troubleshooting & traffic flow analysis purposes, I just wanted to get a capture of the traffic going over a specific link or between specific networks. There is few ways I could think of to achieve this: Configure SPAN

When NAT Won’t Work

When NAT Won’t Work, So here is a simple scenario where all you need to do is setup NAT (Network Address Translation) – very simple indeed. Sometimes, however, the most simple networking setup could still give us some headache. And usually, it will be something extremely simple … so simple, that it would even cross

Route Types, Classfull and Classless Routing

Route Types, Classfull and Classless Routing,I still remember, quite some time back, I used to find the concept of classless vs. classful routing, quite dificult to understand. To enable/disable classless routing, we can use the command [no] ip classless. So, ip classless – enables classless routing; no ip classless, enables classfull routing. Furthermore, classless routing is enabled by default and

STP – Determining / Setting the Root Bridge

STP – Determining / Setting the Root Bridge, In a Layer2 network it is critical that a logical loop-free topology is established before data could be switched through the network. The first step within this process is to determine a root bridge – the root of the spanning-tree. Within a Layer2 network it becomes very important to


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